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Being a content creator I have always needed the best audio quality possible. I remember the days that i would record with a small lapel mic that would essentialy provide me with a washed out end result. It was later throughout my content creation career that i aimed to up my recording game. Enter the Sandberg USB powered Studio Mic. I was hugely blown away instantly by the clarity and quality of the recorded audio..The amazing individuals at Sandberg are total game changers when it comes creating innovative products.,

Sandberg has been supplying high grade, easy to use computer, Tech and audio equipment for over 30 years.  I have been fortunate enough to recieve and review their products in the past and have never been let down. The simple named Studio Pro Microphone USB is what it says it is. a top-rated piece of equipment aimed at content creators, and is the latest addition to their ever expanding ‘ESportsEquipment’ series. 

Whats in the Box?

The Studio Pro Microphone is bundled with a sturdy desk stand, and a USB cable . It is what it is. It does what it says. Theres no software. it is simply plug and play The Studio Pro Microphone works as soon as it connects to your USB port. 

To the front of the microphone and you’ll spot the volume nodule that will control your input without having to go through your computer, a very handy and useful feature for any unpredictable voice overs. Not only is the Studio Pro Microphone built for producing great clarity and sound, but also for ease of use, Also the fact that this microphone sounds great and is extremely easy to Use makes this a huge and obvious recommendation for anyone and everyone.

Being a voice actor I rely heavily on clear and lossless audio. The Studio Pro Gives me and my content that. Sandberg gave me that.

Sandberg’s Make products that are not only high in quality but easy to use, The Studio Pro Microphone from Sandberg is an excellent, powerful Microphone that will allow you to record what ever you want, where ever you want, and in top notch quality. Highly recommended. The Studio Pro Microphone can be purchased Here


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