Sandberg Bluetooth Earbuds + Powerbank

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Sandberg recently released their very own totally wireless earbuds (Bluetooth Earbuds + Powerbank) which are now part of my daily use. Exercise, music, relaxing sounds, drowning out the kids.

  I always highlight the quality and user-friendliness of Sandberg Products I started working with sandberg a while back when they were relatively new to the tech realm. they have never let me down with their quality of product. For me it is important that accessories are high quality Sandbergs ideology is that “IT is for everybody” The products are good. the products are good quality and the products are easy to use.

so enough ego stroking. The product

Inside the packaging we have the powerbank. A sleek classy metalic powerbank may I add , and classy looking black and chrome bluetooth earbuds, and the Earbuds are virtually invisible in the ear…… a USB Type-A to microUSB cable which can be used for both charging the powerbank and a mobile phone, no other adapters are included so you will need to use your own USB cable if your phone does not have microUSB. Finally there is a pouch to carry the whole thing around in.

The base of the powerbank has the USB output connector and the microUSB charging port for inbound power. In between the ports there is a blue led indicator which is connected to a sensor that detects shaking, this makes the led show the charging level with various flashing sequences. Pushing on the base slides the powerbank up inside it’s outer tubing, this is to allow easy removal of the earbuds.

   Inside each of the two earbuds of the Sandberg Bluetooth + Powerbank model are 6mm large dynamic drivers (frequency response of 20Hz-20KHz with 32Ohms +-15% impedance, signal to noise ratio of 84dB and 0.3mW rated power), single condenser/capacitor microphones (one located in each earbud / -42dB sensitivity) and 50mAh rechargeable batteries (one for each earbud) which give the earbuds up to 3 hours of playback time. This model also features Bluetooth v4.1 connectivity (10 meters range with full support for A2DP v1.2/AVRCP v1.5/HFP v1.6/HP v1.2 profiles) and is bundled with an aluminum charging case that houses a 2100mAh lithium polymer battery pack which can also be used as a powerbank to charge your mobile devices (however leaving out the rather small battery capacity due to the 5V/1A charging output it can’t be used with large devices like tablets).

Are they good quality? Are they good value for money? FUCK YEAH THEY ARE.

The Sandberg Bluetooth Earbuds + Powerbank can be purchased here


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