Tuesdays are my lazy days

Published by Luke V2 on

I set aside a tuesday every week that I class as my ‘Lazy Day’. Now although I talk about consistency a lot and maintaining structure please bear with me Im not contradicting myself. So….. my tuesday. What do i do on my tuesday? Well today i layed in bed all day watching films and tv shows. I watched a few episodes of arrow

, a few episodes of the flash.

I watched an absolutely shit martial arts film that i cant even remember the name of

I had an hours sleep……..Mid shit martial arts film.I even had a tub of salted caramel haagen daaz.

Do i feel guity about my Lazy day? Do I Fuck. Do you know why? Because I still woke up at 04:00, I still did my hour on the treadmill, I still did my weights session, I still read my 10 pages of a book, I still, I still, I still…………. I still did all of this before jumping back into bed at 10am. You see even on my lazy day I still get shit done. Do what needs to be done first then relax.


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