What is the Evolve Plan?

Published by Luke V2 on

All aspects of the evolve plan are essentially the blueprints to my life. It is how I live my life every day without fail. Disciplined, focused and obsessed with constantly pushing myself forward. This isn’t a training plan or a nutrition plan. It’s a lifestyle overhaul that’s aims to push your discipline to its limits and help you progress in all aspects of your life. Exercise, Nutrition and mind. To make you switch perspective and see speed bumps in the road as a learning curve and not a failure. A failure can only exist if you don’t learn from the experience. If you do it is progress. The plan consists of three phases each running for 28 days. the first phase acts as an introduction into the plan. At the end of the 28 days you will have the option to continue with phase one or progress onto phase two.People will spend thousands of pounds on a new sofa or tens of thousands of pounds on a new car, yet will scrimp when it comes to investing in themselves. The evolve plan will only cost you £20 a month. With this you will get a workbook,Support from myself, an invitation to a private facebook group with other members, access to members only information on this site and also exclusive discounts. What are you waiting for?



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