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Sandberg releases a brand new Motion Tracking Webcam

I have always had positive praise for Sandberg products. I have in the past stated that I have watched sandberg grow from strength to strength as a company and as a brand. You are guaranteed to get something new or groundbreaking from their vast catalogue of products and again………………… Sandberg have delivered.

Sandberg Motion Tracking Webcam 1080P HD is an intelligent webcam that follows you. The camera itself moves in the direction that you move in. For instance it is extremely useful for online presentations where you move around the room. The package includes a tripod to allow the camera free rotation. With its 1080P HD resolution, you get a razor-sharp picture and the integrated microphone ensures optimal voice recording. The camera works immediately without driver installation.

i never realised until now how much i needed a webcam that follows me. never again will i need to keep moving back and fore to adjust the lens or angle.



Well its very simplistic. which is what I like.

In the box we have the Motion camera, The tripod a micro usb and an instruction booklet.

Set up was as simple as. unwrap, mount to tripod, plugin and push the power button. thats it.

From the moment I plugged it in and switched it on I felt like I had a little R2D2 following me around the room and started to bond with it.

R2-D2 | Wookieepedia | Fandom

of course you do have the option to keep a static position with a simple one button push, but the motion tracking is too cool a feature not to use.

so quality wise. how does it measure up?

Build quality is a very nice sturdy, solid and robust build finished in matt black that matches my other sandberg products.

Image quality we have a 2MP camera capable of 1080p footage at 30fps with a Glass Lens and built Omni-directional Mic. The camera has a huge  270° Tracking Rotation and a 110° Viewing Angle.

I really cannot fault the image quality overall and the camera copes extremely well in low light settings. The mic quality is also extremely capable, however if you want superior audio I would recommend the sandberg streamer Microphone kit that can be purchased here

Sandberg Streamer USB Microphone Kit (126-07)

so to summarise.

I give Top marks to this product and for the low price of £43 it really is a no brainer. ooh did i mention that it also comes with a 5 year warranty?

Get yours here

Beep Beep Boop Boop

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